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Television’s comedy underdog returns for a second season, premiering in unconventionally sedate fashion. The antics of Party Down are typically boisterous, but the newest episode reserves its signature humor in order to catch us up with our beloved characters.

Nine months have passed since Ron (Ken Marino) was fired, Henry (Adam Scott) was promoted to team leader, and Casey (Lizzy Caplan) was offered a stand-up comedy gig on a cruise ship, but season two seamlessly brings everyone back together. Awkwardness ensues between Henry and Casey, who were romantically involved throughout season one, and only pathetic inadequacy continues to define Ron’s life.

Clever exposition is used to bring everyone back to speed, and the rest of the episode is filled with passable humor. The premise is unfortunately more appealing than its actual execution, and only a decent premiere is produced.

The underwhelming delivery of Jackal Onassis Backstage Party isn’t necessarily a disappointment. It’s a necessity that illustrates what’s to come for our heroes stuck in drudgery and mundaneness. It’s a light that alludes to the promising amusement we will get from watching our heroes deal with the proverbial bullshit that comes with working in food services.


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