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3 foreign films, 2 black and whites, 1 Best Picture winner, and much more…

Close friend, Max Rock, and I discuss our top 5 favorite movies of all time. This is our first attempt at a podcast so we apologize for the sound quality, our delirium (this was recorded at 1 AM), and any harm this may cause. Enjoy!

00:00 – 01:32 — Introductions

01:32 – 03:26  — Making the lists

03:26 – 06:36 — Max’s #5: The Birdcage

06:36 – 10:57 — Glenn’s #5: The Third Man

10:57 – 18:05 — Max’s #4: From Dusk Till Dawn

18:05 – 23:40 — Glenn’s #4: The Matrix

23:40 – 34:34 — Max’s #3: Fanny and Alexander

34:34 – 42:22 — Glenn’s #3: Pierrot Le Fou

42:22 – 1:01:24 –Max’s #2: There Will Be Blood

1:01:24 – 1:08:17 — Glenn’s #2: The Apartment

1:08:17 – 1:19:30 — Max’s #1: Wild Strawberries

1:19:30 – 1:29:57 — Glenn’s #1: Punch-Drunk Love

1:29:57 – 1:35:52 — Outro/Announcements

Music — “Danger Mountain” by Anamanaguchi


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Films that make great date movies are the ones that make a celebratory note on any sweet essence of life. Appealing to both genders, the simplicity and charm that come from these films’ wit make them enjoyable for either a first date or a tenth date. While these 5 films uphold love as an important component to their own respective work, they don’t judge the couple. These movies don’t necessarily challenge the couple to scrutinize their own relationship or relationship to be; instead, they commend the ideas of cuddling, holding hands, and simply being in love.

List is in no particular order

Annie Hall

While this movie’s stance on love could be considered very morose, it’s perhaps the funniest movie on the list. This could only be done through Woody Allen’s truthful dissection of a relationships and all of its ups and downs. It may be dour at times, but that’s what life can be like. To those in a relationship, this movie will only remind them of their own precious moments and the good times that are to come.

The Apartment

The quintessential screwball comedy. The question of whether or not Jack Lemmon’s character will get Shirley MacLaine’s is a fun one to explore. The idealistic chivalry displayed will captivate the girl and encourage the boy. It’s profoundly playful, leaving an imprint in your heart that will cause you to smile when looking back on this.

It Happened One Night

Sprouting relationships are fun to observe when they are done correctly. The tenacity of these two characters might not be apparent at first, but the way they finally get to each other is mesmerizing and adorable. Intertwined with funny moments and unexpected turns, It Happened One Night resonates the randomness of love in a way that’ll make you thankful to be with the one you love.


Tonally charming and cozy, Ratatouille is a great film to pop in on a relaxing evening. Paris, fine foods, and a lovable rat amount to a heartwarming experience of joy, thrill, and majesty. While the humans aren’t at the forefront of the film, the amour between Linguini and Colette is as sweet as the story itself.


This film might seem to have come out of left field, but I stand by my opinion. Its innate suspense is fun, engaging and modest. It has the perfect amount of scares and mystery to keep you interested without frightening you away. The humor and romance thrown in are naturally airy, never driving too far into any specific direction. It’s a well blended popcorn movie, perfect for a Friday night.

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