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Awesome cast mixed with a simple premise. The trailer wasn’t that funny to me, and one could argue this has been done before with Forgetting Sarah Marshall or Knocked Up, but I still really want see this simply because of who’s in it and how fun it could be.


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Films that make great date movies are the ones that make a celebratory note on any sweet essence of life. Appealing to both genders, the simplicity and charm that come from these films’ wit make them enjoyable for either a first date or a tenth date. While these 5 films uphold love as an important component to their own respective work, they don’t judge the couple. These movies don’t necessarily challenge the couple to scrutinize their own relationship or relationship to be; instead, they commend the ideas of cuddling, holding hands, and simply being in love.

List is in no particular order

Annie Hall

While this movie’s stance on love could be considered very morose, it’s perhaps the funniest movie on the list. This could only be done through Woody Allen’s truthful dissection of a relationships and all of its ups and downs. It may be dour at times, but that’s what life can be like. To those in a relationship, this movie will only remind them of their own precious moments and the good times that are to come.

The Apartment

The quintessential screwball comedy. The question of whether or not Jack Lemmon’s character will get Shirley MacLaine’s is a fun one to explore. The idealistic chivalry displayed will captivate the girl and encourage the boy. It’s profoundly playful, leaving an imprint in your heart that will cause you to smile when looking back on this.

It Happened One Night

Sprouting relationships are fun to observe when they are done correctly. The tenacity of these two characters might not be apparent at first, but the way they finally get to each other is mesmerizing and adorable. Intertwined with funny moments and unexpected turns, It Happened One Night resonates the randomness of love in a way that’ll make you thankful to be with the one you love.


Tonally charming and cozy, Ratatouille is a great film to pop in on a relaxing evening. Paris, fine foods, and a lovable rat amount to a heartwarming experience of joy, thrill, and majesty. While the humans aren’t at the forefront of the film, the amour between Linguini and Colette is as sweet as the story itself.


This film might seem to have come out of left field, but I stand by my opinion. Its innate suspense is fun, engaging and modest. It has the perfect amount of scares and mystery to keep you interested without frightening you away. The humor and romance thrown in are naturally airy, never driving too far into any specific direction. It’s a well blended popcorn movie, perfect for a Friday night.

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Weekly Poll #2

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I have a new respect for Megan Fox. It’s not because she apologized to the boy she snubbed; it’s because of the honesty she exhibits when it comes to her acting ability. In short, she admits that she isn’t a great actress. With regards to Transformers, she said

“I’m terrible in it. It’s my first real movie and it’s not honest and not realistic. The movie wasn’t bad, I just wasn’t proud about what I did.”

”If I really buckle down, I think one day I could be a very good actress, but so far, I haven’t done anything yet.”

This is pretty impressive. She hasn’t let her body become a solution to bad acting. She knows her flaws, and she’s willing to work on it. With time, maybe she can bring us a performance worth talking about that doesn’t center on how terrific her body is.

The film, Jennifer’s Body, is a dark comedy/horror film written by Diablo Cody. Her writing brought attention to the hit, Juno, but I honestly don’t think it’s a well written film. This is because of Cody’s lack of ability to diversify her characters’ voices. Most of the characters in Juno either sound alike, unrealistic, or are completely one noted, and while it’s fun to listen to the hip language, it becomes stale. Over the past year, she has become more well rounded.  Her show, The United States of Tara has terrific writing with a great sense of individuality and depth in the characters.

I don’t really have a well established opinion on Jennifer’s Body yet because there isn’t much I know about it. I also don’t mean to bash Megan Fox or Diablo Cody in this post because I do like the two. I have hope in the pair and will be looking forward to more photos and trailers to come.

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Sam Mendes follows his devastating Revolutionary Road with a touching, light hearted, Juno inspired film, Away We Go. While it was a good idea to go with something easy and fun, he unfortunately falls a bit flat with his delivery. This is because we never really see any risks taken by the man. His preceding movies are all taken to some kind of uncomfortable edge, but Away We Go just feels safe.

The ones that steal the show are John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph, two TV actors who give strong performances as a couple looking for a place to start their family. Krasinski, typically known for his role as Jim from The Office, does well in a more dramatic role. Maya Rudolph’s character doesn’t ask her to do too much (besides be pregnant), but she responds well in a subtle way. Their relationship is adorable, providing for great laughs and tender moments.

The characters we meet along the way are pretty cartoonish, either being extremely funny or emotionally broken. While it’s entertaining watching them on screen, it’s bothersome to the story as a whole. The movie makes comedy out of situations and then negates them moments later to further the plot.

For instance, there’s a scene when Maya Rudolph isn’t allowed on a plane because she looks over 8 months pregnant, when she is really just 6 months. The scene makes for some humor, but later in the movie, they’re seen on a plane. I understand how they would be able to get on another plane, but it still seems lazy to me. Another example is when we meet this loudmouthed mom who says her kids can’t hear anything whenever she talks about them. She says it’s white noise to them. So when she bashes them, they don’t make any reaction. This is pretty funny until she says something to which the kids actually make a reaction. This is also done for comical effect, but it is entirely inconsistent with what was previously established.

The cinematography is pretty standard for a quirky indie film. The main characters standing still, staring blankly into the distance, while their surroundings move. Also, the ending of the film begins to drag, and it becomes muddled thematically, making the ending seem compulsory and, therefore, unsatisfactory.

What makes this movie good, though, is the fact that we see two characters on the same team, working together to figure themselves out in life. The relationship between the two main characters is well grounded, but it still manages to have an arc. Some scenes are pretty powerful, and it’s done so well because of the acting. The movie has its fair share of laughs, and it’s complimented by a great soundtrack. Yet, the ridiculousness gets a bit out of hand, and the ending seems forced.

6.5 out of 10

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Oscar bait or not, Amelia looks like a beautiful and inspirational adventure. Led by the very beautiful and talented Hilary Swank, this film tells the story of Amelia Earheart, an American hero whose story is both well known and enigmatic. The production/art design and acting appear to be top notch. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few scenes that scream out for an Oscar (the fact that it’s a conventional biopic means it’ll have the Academy foaming at the mouth); whether or not this is the case, the movie still looks exhilarating.

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If this trailer reminded you of Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, or Godzilla, that’s because the movie is being made by the same director, Roland Emmerich. Who would have thought?!

Disaster films are as simple as they come. Watch shit explode. The degree to which shit explodes in the trailer of 2012, a film based on the end of the world, looks more astronomical than its predecessors.  The trailer is extremely well cut, and some of the clips had me agape because of the ridiculous special effects. The film’s bound to do well in that department and that department alone, and it’s sure to make a lot of money; but as far as the story and characters go…*shrugs*

And by the way, Danny Glover’s the President of the United States in this…

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